Rally Cap - Info

This is an introductory to baseball level for children aged 3 1/2 to 7 years old. The two main purposes of this level is to get the children interested in the game of baseball and to begin preparing them for the next level which is the Rookie level. The season starts with our indoor clinics in late March and continues indoors until the first week in May at which time we go outside to the diamonds and play actual games, weather permitting. It is our goal to provide everyone involved in the sport with a positive experience. This is accomplished by promoting active participation during the game and providing the players with the necessary fundamental skills during games and practices to learn and develop their individual and team skills while also enjoying their baseball experience. Rally Cap Indoor clinic sessions are MONDAYS and WEDNESDAYS from 6:00pm to 7:00pm at the LRC. When we move to the fields the days and times remain the same but ALL games will be played at Chrst the King School located East of Leduc down rolleyview road. The objectives at this level are to focus on teaching proper throwing mechanics, fielding ground balls, catching, hitting, and base running. Through active participation, players will continue to develop their personal and team skills. Each Rally Cap team will consist of 6-10 players per teams making the innings go by quicker, therefore less time for kids to get bored. It is recommended to have unlimited coaching assistants both on and off the playing fields to help give children direction and we encourage parents to get involved and help out at practices and games.

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