Fundraising is an integral part of operating our association and as such volunteer commitments from our members make this fundraising possible.  The expectation is that each LBA family commits to any (2) of the items indicated below to acquire their (2) volunteer credits for the season.  
  • Bingos -each bingo worked counts as (1) credit. (2) Worked bingos will count as your (2) volunteer credits for the season.  
  • Raffle Tickets -the sale of one bundle of (5) books will count as (1) credit. There is a limit of 1 bundle of (5) books per family.  
  • Monetary Contribution -a monetary contribution of $250 will count as (1) credit.  (2) Contributions of $250 will count as your (2) volunteer credits for the season.  
Families can mix & match the above items to complete their required (2) volunteer credits.  If you are unable to fulfill any your volunteer spots, a friend or family member can complete them on your behalf.    
Cancellation Policy:  If you absolutely cannot fulfill a volunteer commitment that you committed to, the volunteer Coordinator must be given notice at least 2 weeks prior to the event so someone else can be secured to fill the spot.   An unexcused no-show as deemed by the LBA executive will result in a $250 charge against that individuals credit card within 30 days of the no show.  This charge will only be returned to that individual once they have completed their volunteer requirement or a substitute for that volunteer requirement.
The following positions will count for volunteer requirements as indicated:
  • Board Member -counts for (2) requirements.
  • Head Coach -counts for (2) requirements.
  • Assistant Coach -counts for (1) requirement.
If your volunteer commitments are not met, you will be expected to pay the $250 for each volunteer credit owed before being able to register your player for the following season.


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